The Showroom

Read-in with Annette Krauss, Laura Pardo and Marina Stavrou

Wednesday 3 October 2012, 6.30–8.30pm

Read-in is a collective practice that considers the physicality and situatedness of any reading activity by reading together. The participants invite you to delve into a process of unusual social interaction, ringing neighbours' doorbells to request the use of their home for a collective reading session.

This is an event to accompany the exhibition The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON.

  1. Event Film screening with a women's organisation

  2. Event Workshop: Matthijs de Bruijne and Justice for Domestic Workers

  3. Event Presentation of Futures Plan

  4. Event Workshop: Quintin Kynaston school and Annette Krauss

  5. Event Church Street Neighbourhood Management Networking Lunch