The Showroom

U My Show

Ismail Ali, Afri Harry, Caroline Mawer, Victory Milentijevic-Goodfellow and Marjane Moghimi 
Wednesday 13 December 2017, 7–8.30pm
Free, no booking required


In October 2017, artists Jewyo Rhii and Jihyun Jung invited a group of participants from The Showroom’s neighbourhood to collaborate on a series of storytelling workshops in November and early December. They asked participants Ismail Ali, Afri Harry, Caroline Mawer, Victory Milentijevic-Goodfellow and Marjane Moghimi to bring an object to the workshops, for use as a catalyst for telling stories from personal memories.

Rhii and Jung adapted the installation and sculptural machinery from their Dawn Breaks project in response to these stories. Over a focused period of storytelling and making, the final installation at The Showroom has been tailor-made for the participants to use as tools to tell their stories. Each of the mobile ‘theatres’ enable the telling and re-telling of stories over time. Operating independently and in dialogue with one another, the objects can be manipulated, moved and transformed according to the specifics of their locality.

The artists have entrusted Ali, Harry, Mawer, Milentijevic-Goodfellow and Moghimi with the care and use of these collective theatres. For the duration of Dawn Breaks at The Showroom, they can take on the role of being directors, actors and set designers of their own productions, and can open up the invitation to others to participate. 

U My Show follows the introductory performances at the preview of Dawn Breaks. Further performances in January will be announced in due course.

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    Event Jewyo Rhii and Jihyun Jung in conversation with Je Yun Moon