The Showroom is located at
63 Penfold Street, London NW8.

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The Showroom is a contemporary art space that is focused on a collaborative and process-driven approaches to production. More...

How to work together. A collaboration between Chisenhale Gallery, The Showroom and Studio Voltaire. More...
Communal Knowledge 2015: Ed Webb Ingall — People Make Videos: UK Community Video from the 1970s now
The Showroom is a member of Cluster, a new network looking at how visual arts organisations are actively involved in their local contexts, and of a member of Common Practice an advocacy network working for the recognition of the small scale contemporary visual arts sector in London.
Frieze Video profile of The Showroom, South London Gallery and Chisenhale Gallery. More..
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The Showroom operates on the
intersections between art, participation
and research.
New edition for sale: Grace Schwindt, Tall Man, 2015, Limited edition of 30, each print unique. More...
The Showroom Gallery and Studio are available to hire for private functions and events. More...

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Children are welcome at all Showroom exhibitions and events.