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  1. Cc
    Audio The Curatorial Conundrum: Discussion with Paul O'Neill, Lucy Steeds and Gerrie van Noord

  2. T.j.demos
    Audio Decolonizing Nature: T.J. Demos in conversation with Kodwo Eshun and Ros Gray

  3. Pmv_cover
    Text People Make Videos, a manual for making community videos

  4. Screen-shot-2015-10-12-at-13.30.31
    Audio Larry Achiampong and David Blandy present Finding Fanon, in-conversation with Rizvana Bradley

  5. Chto_delat
    Audio WHW: Really Useful Knowledge?

  6. End_of_oil
    Audio freethought on Infrastructure

  7. Ml_image2
    Audio Manual Labours: The Complaining Body: Sarah Browne in Conversation with Saoirse Wall

  8. Gif1
    Text Manual Labours: The Complaining Body, Manuals and Publications

  9. Dm-92-sq
    Audio The Artist Talks: Daria Martin in conversation with Emily Pethick

  10. File_008(2)
    Audio Rana Hamadeh in conversation with Carolina Rito

  11. Kojo_laing_book_cover_3
    Audio Continental Afrofutures Lecture One: Laingian Science Fiction

  12. 9961f72f-ed18-4a00-8843-e664356e70c5
    Audio Clark House Initiative: Working Practices: An Audit of Constituent Voices

  13. Zobernig-godfrey_jpeg
    Video The Artist Talks: Heimo Zobernig in conversation with Mark Godfrey

  14. Uiq-57
    Audio Sci-fi futures and the production of subjectivities

  15. 01917
    Audio Book Launch: Brave New Work: A Reader on Harun Farocki's film A New Product

  16. 01673
    Video Anton Kats: Fourth Feathers TV

  17. 478271706_640
    Video Emily Pethick in conversation with Gerry Bibby

  18. Gerry_bibby_reading_liberated_fraction_2nd_season_2011_performance_view_photo_tim_standing_copy_homepage
    Audio Gerry Bibby in conversation with David Bussel, Céline Condorelli and Jessica Vaughan

  19. 01786
    Text Peripheral Proposals: Mark Fisher and Nina Möntmann

  20. Undoing_property_closed
    Audio Undoing Property?: Discussion Event

  21. Cp_exhibit_2013_image_1
    Video Ciara Phillips: Workshop (2010-ongoing)

  22. 01583
    Audio Book Launch: Contagious Architecture

  23. Img_3
    Audio Grace Schwindt in conversation with Martin Hargreaves

  24. Video Communal Knowledge: An Introduction

  25. Rb_00932
    Video Ricardo Basbaum: re-projecting (london)

  26. E5-1024x679
    Video re-projecting (london): Seymour Art Collective – Walk

  27. E4
    Video Sirens Taken for Wonders

  28. Front_page
    Text Ricardo Basbaum: re-projecting (london)

  29. Undoing_property_open
    Text Undoing Property?

  30. Bg_exhibit_2013_image_6
    Text Beatrice Gibson interview