The Showroom

Fortnightly Highlights

  1. Mfjb_exhibit_2013_image_5
    Radical Curiosity

  2. Mfjb_exhibit_2013_image_6
    Audio 'On Vanishing Land' by Mark Fisher and Justin Barton

  3. 00436
    Text Christina Mackie: IIP

  4. The_chimurenga_library_-23_copy
    Event Fortnightly Highlight 7: Soul Searching

  5. The_chimurenga_library_-23_copy
    Soul Searching

  6. 4_waters
    Event Fortnightly Highlight 6: Poetic Imaginaries

  7. Screen_shot_2020-06-01_at_16.46.31_copy
    Event Fortnightly Highlight 5: What Would You Make A Video About?

  8. Showroom-mid-show_install_dan_weill_photography-87
    Event Fortnightly Highlight 4: There Is No Alternative

  9. Screen_shot_2020-06-01_at_16.46.31_copy
    What Would You Make A Video About?

  10. Showroom-mid-show_install_dan_weill_photography-87
    There Is No Alternative

  11. Dc5b5cac-bfd4-4cae-a62a-b9fc8f5cffd9
    Event Fortnightly Highlight 3: There Are Other Ways

  12. Dc5b5cac-bfd4-4cae-a62a-b9fc8f5cffd9
    There Are Other Ways