The Showroom

Larry Achiampong: A Sample of Me


A Sample of Me is a project that set out to investigate the audible potentials of personal and non-personal expression using sampling and sound recording devices and processes.

Students from the Fresh Start course at City of Westminster College participated in a sequence of workshops to gather, scrutinise, deconstruct and fuse sound-based information. This archive of sounds and recordings generated audible collages using the participants’ histories and contemporary surroundings and that of The Showroom’s neighbourhood for research.

These workshops form part of Achiampong’s wider research project that will include seminars, interviews, talks, performances and screenings over the course of 2011.

The resulting record, MEH MOGYA (Sample Of Me), was launched at The Showroom in October 2011.

This project is commissioned as part of Communal Knowledge which is supported by The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, The John Lyons Charitable Trust, and Westminster Arts. Sample of Me has been carried out within the framework of ‘Survival Kit. Art linking society, knowledge and activism’ and with the support of the Culture 2007–2013 programme of the European Union.

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    Event MEH MOGYA (Sample Of Me) Record Launch

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    Event Survival Kit 3