The Showroom
Holding Space Artist

Alberta Whittle


Alberta Whittle’s creative practice is informed by diasporic conversation and working collectively towards radical self-love. Alberta considers radical self-love a key method in decolonization for PoC to battle anti-blackness. Her practice involves choreographing interactive installations, interventions and performances as site-specific artworks in public and private spaces.

Performance has begun to provide important moments for negotiating reciprocity, coercing and demanding that audiences participate in their own discomfort. Often insisting on some level of audience participation, Alberta’s performances attempt to reveal our complicity with systems of oppression, systems, which we often choose not to see or acknowledge.

Underpinning her research is encouraging linkages between active collective unknowing/unlearning and decolonization through activating new ways of rethinking relationships to the past, present and future, based on unraveling concepts of history and memory. Key to these processes of unknowing and unlearning is working collectively in collaborative networks. Foregrounding these conversations is an analysis of creative strategies employed to question the authority of postcolonial power, its implications and its legacy.

Alberta has exhibited in various solo and group shows, including at the Johannesburg Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale, FRAMER FRAMED (Amsterdam), Royal Scottish Academy and David Dale Gallery (Scotland), BOZAR (Belgium), National Art Gallery (Bahamas) and at the Apartheid Museum, Goethe On Main and Constitution Hill (South Africa). During 2018, Alberta will be undertaking research residencies at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) and at Creative Lab at the Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA) both in in Glasgow. In April 2018, Alberta will be presenting her research at The Showroom in London as part of Holding Space.

Whittle is an artist on the Holding Space programme as part of the Object Positions project at The Showroom.

Holding Space is a one-year programme of research and support for eight UK based artists, as part of the Object Positions programme. Working with curatorial fellow Teresa Cisneros, the group collaborate on research, production and programming for an exhibition to be held at The Showroom in 2018.