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  1. Lgbtbritain_image
    Event LGBT Britain on Film: Why Study Queer History?

  2. Hairyvo%cc%88lzke_1_web_copy
    Event Ashley Hans Scheirl in conversation with Oreet Ashery

  3. The_political_animal_image?1560890352
    Event The Political Animal

  4. Otherstorieshivaids_showroom_web
    Event Other Stories of HIV/AIDS: Culture, History, and the Ongoing Epidemic

  5. Keys
    Event Public  Meeting | Cooperatives and their potential for artists and art institutions

  6. Demos-cover_sm
    Event Book launch: Against the Anthropocene – Visual Culture and Environment Today

  7. Fiona
    Event Fiona Jack: Using our hands to Organise

  8. Event Object Positions Public Lecture 5 | RESTING 4 SURVIVAL with niv Acosta followed by a conversation with madison moore

  9. School
    Event Schooling & Culture launch events

  10. Fete
    Event Penfold Street Fete

  11. 5434e9a6625a92a89f1072dc077d2d82
    Event Micro Rainbow Refugee Week Fundraiser

  12. Dash_video
    Event DASH - A performance-lecture by Ho Rui An followed by a Q&A with Zach Blas

  13. 3fcc67f1-a964-43fd-9774-01f8346b6eb5
    Event Object Positions Public Lecture 4 | Melissa Blanco Borelli: Dancing, Thinking, Sensing, Feeling: Corporeal Practices and Discourses on Decolonisation

  14. Practices_of_affinity_compressed_small
    Event Practices of Affinity – an evening of shared readings and discussion on independent arts practices

  15. 1_alex_martinis_roe_for_newsletter
    Event To Become Two: Public salon

  16. 3fcc67f1-a964-43fd-9774-01f8346b6eb5
    Event Object Positions Lecture 3 | Reading the Dead: Denise Ferreria da Silva in conversation with Shela Sheikh

  17. Lorrainegal
    Event Cinenova: Now Showing

  18. Img_9567-1
    Event Cristina Lina > Public Play exhibition at IOE

  19. 3fcc67f1-a964-43fd-9774-01f8346b6eb5
    Event Object Positions: Lecture 2 | Karen Salt: Administering Activism, Organising Change, Holding Our Form(s)

  20. L_o_f-1
    Exhibition Laura Oldfield Ford: Alpha, Isis, Eden

  21. Image_ecology
    Event Underground / Ecology with Timothy Morton and Federico Campagna

  22. 1_walking_cities_london_cover
    Event Walking Cities: London

  23. L_o_f-40
    Event Laura Oldfield Ford: Listening event

  24. Chimurenga_showroom_dan_weill_photography-32
    Event Object Positions Lecture 1 | Nana Adusei-Poku: Everyone has to learn everything!

  25. Es
    Event Hubs and Fictions: On Current Art and Imported Remoteness

  26. Dame2still5dames
    Event Cinenova: Now Showing

  27. Chimurenga_showroom_dan_weill_photography-32
    Event Holding Space - Open Call to Artists

  28. Borninflames
    Event Unite Against Dividers - Born in Flames

  29. Horns
    Event Wax and Dust: Experiments in Composition at the British Library Sound Archive

  30. Unnamed
    Event Now Showing Patrick Staff

  31. Ian10
    Event HERE IS INFORMATION. MOBILISE – celebrating the life and work of Ian White

  32. Large
    Event A V A: Audio Visual ALCHEMY - Film screening

  33. Hand_still_2
    Event Now Showing Kari Robertson and Judith Barry

  34. Uriel_orlowshowroom-002
    Exhibition Uriel Orlow: Mafavuke’s Trial and Other Plant Stories

  35. Ce%cc%81cile_emmanuelle_borra_les_flaneuses_2002
    Event We All Have a Problem with Representation: Feminist Performance and Video

  36. Cover
    Event My home is your home: public works and BHP