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  1. Chimurenga_showroom_dan_weill_photography-18
    Exhibition The Chimurenga Library

  2. _mg_0690
    Event sorryyoufeeluncomfortable residency: From Africa to Future

  3. Chimurenga_showroom_dan_weill_photography-53
    Event sorryyoufeelcomfortable: From Africa to Future Study Day

  4. D2936bae-c85a-4444-b4ad-a972be780086
    Event Book Launch of Emma Smith's Practice of Place

  5. Heimo_zobernig
    Event The Artist Talks: Heimo Zobernig in conversation with Mark Godfrey

  6. 84f49c47-ca5b-4bb2-9389-b78f7618a886
    Event Cinenova: Now Showing

  7. 8db0834a-fb2a-432f-b560-14a5bc78b5f2
    Event A celebration of Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz' Aftershow

  8. Hg1
    Exhibition Hengameh Golestan: Witness 1979

  9. 02031
    Event Open discussion with Hengameh Golestan and Justice for Domestic Workers

  10. 02030
    Event Symposium: When does a Revolution Start? Part II

  11. Hiddenfaces
    Event Screening: Hidden Faces by Kim Longinotto

  12. 02030
    Event Symposium: When does a Revolution Start? Part I

  13. 01894
    Event People Make Videos: A week of meetings, video making and screenings

  14. Gw_exhibition_2015_1
    Exhibition Grant Watson: How We Behave

  15. Image_two
    Event Presentation by Grant Watson

  16. Rwusgcards-1
    Event Poethical Readings: Intuiting the Political with Denise Ferreira da Silva and Valentina Desideri

  17. 02011
    Event Schooling & Culture

  18. 02017
    Event Knowledge X Production X Form

  19. Ef96b9c0-d0be-4693-83d9-7e4c38cdd1bb
    Event Eleni Ikoniadou: The Rhythmic Event

  20. A003c006_12_39_28_06
    Exhibition Wendelien van Oldenborgh: From Left to Night

  21. A005c003_13_51_28_04
    Event Wendelien van Oldenborgh in conversation with Denise Ferreira da Silva

  22. Justin_barton_book_image
    Event Hauntology, the Future, the Eerie: Justin Barton, with Farmers of Vega, Mark Fisher and Dalia Neis

  23. Now_showing
    Event Cinenova: Now Showing

  24. 01971
    Event What would you make a film about? A video conversation between The Showroom and its neighbours

  25. 01983
    Event Barbara Visser Symposium

  26. 01977
    Event Interstitial Zone

  27. 01918
    Event The School of Public Life: presentations and performances by Fred Dewey and Brandon LaBelle

  28. Rsz_h500_5_12
    Event Cinenova: Now Showing

  29. 01933
    Event Downing Street: a sketch of a performance by seven actors, with the audience

  30. Gtsm_exhib_2015_image_1
    Exhibition Graeme Thomson and Silvia Maglioni: it took forever getting ready to exist: UIQ (the unmaking-of)

  31. Event Cinenova: Now Showing

  32. 01945
    Event Justice for Domestic Workers: 6th Anniversary event

  33. 01944
    Event DigitalDisco

  34. Gtsm_exhib_2015_image_1
    Event What do you mean by the?– An infinitely small talk as dinner began to break up

  35. Img_0094
    Event Sci-fi futures and the production of subjectivities

  36. 01917
    Event Book Launch: Brave New Work: A Reader on Harun Farocki's film A New Product