The Showroom
Limited Edition

Will Holder: The Tiger's Mind Score


284 x 210mm

Hand set letterpress print

Limited edition of 30 + 4 APs

With signed and numbered certificates

Price : £65 (unframed), £130 (framed)


Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Beatrice Gibson: The Tiger's Mind at The Showroom, London, 14 November – 19 January 2013.

All funds raised through edition sales go directly to support the work of The Showroom.

Please contact Seema Manchanda for sales and information.

  1. Bg_exhibit_2013_image_4
    Exhibition Beatrice Gibson: The Tiger's Mind

  2. 01145
    Event A concert by AMM: John Tilbury and Eddie Prevost

  3. Bg_exhibit_2013_image_6
    Text Beatrice Gibson interview

  4. 01099
    Event Symbiopsychotaxiplasm

  5. 01096
    Publication The Tiger's Mind