The Showroom

A V A: Audio Visual ALCHEMY - Film screening

A V A : Audio Visual ALCHEMY
Friday 25 November

Day: 2–5pm shorts & community films
Night: 5–9pm James Holcombe: Tyburnia and The Iron Toned Lady
plus an award winning feature film TBA

£5 entry on the door [Free refreshments]


An afternoon and evening of films presented by Church Street's very own Project Alchemy

Films will include:

Videos from the newly established London Community Video Archive (LCVA), which was set up to preserve and share videos made by community groups in London between 1969 and 1985. When they were first produced and screened the videos made a major difference to many communities, highlighting injustices and untold stories on issues ranging from housing, race, gender, ageing, local activism, sex and sexuality, as well focusing on specific areas of London.

James Holcombe: The Iron Toned Lady
Single frame 16mm footage shot of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. The film was toned in blue iron salt solution (prussian blue toner) for 11 hours. From an early Kodak toning manual:‘The longer the film is left in the solution the more unacceptable and harsher the final tones’. Sound recorded on the day of the funeral by Sally Golding.

James Holcombe: Tyburnia
The Tyburn Gallows stood near Hyde Park and Marble Arch for over 700 years. Placing Tyburn’s history in a contemporary context, this work explores the ‘presence and absence’ of the Tyburn Tree in our collective unconscious, and re-haunts the Edgware Road.

and more to be announced...