The Showroom

Assembly (The Showroom) closing event

Saturday 28 May 2011, 4–6pm


For the closing event of Assembly (The Showroom), Agency called forth Thing 000904 (1st Down and Ten) in order to let it ‘bear witness’. Thing 000904 (1st Down and Ten) concerns a conflict between members of a band called Keep It Dark about some songs on their album 1st Down and Ten.

During a court case in 1992, Judge Thomas Morison had to decide if drummer Paul Stuart had played a significant composing role during the band’s rehearsing jam sessions.

Agency invited a diverse group of guests to respond to the witnessing of Thing 000904 (1st Down and Ten) including Lionel Bently (Professor of Intellectual Property Law, University of Cambridge), Charles Hayward (drummer), Daniel McLean (arts lawyer and curator), Marina Vishmidt (writer) and Tyler Friedman (composer).

This is an event to accompany the exhibition, Agency: Assembly (The Showroom).

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    Exhibition Agency: Assembly (The Showroom)

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    Audio Assembly (The Showroom) closing event