The Showroom

A BANTUTRONIC Conversation & Live Music

5 October 5pm - 7pm, 180 The Strand (Entrance 2 Surrey Street, WC2R 2ND)

A BANTUTRONIC Conversation hosted by Creative Director Harris Elliott with members of the BANTUTRONIC Collective including poet Julianknxx & musicians Shingai, Tawiah and Thabo - featuring a discussion punctuated by live performances from each artist followed by a Q&A session.

Bantu is a broad and deep distinction that speaks on the history and mother culture of black Africans from the beginning of time - while Tronic invokes visions of a technologically and morally advanced future. BANTUTRONIC is thus the chosen name of an artistic collective, made up of children of the Bantu Diaspora whose aim is to explore, progress and express the beauty of Bantu culture.

This live session activates Theaster Gates’s “Black Image Corporation” featuring “Collective Intimacy” - a live programme in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, The Showroom and Prada. Inspired by Gates’s ethos of collaborations and togetherness, this programme of events takes on multiple trans-locates narratives of the current Black experience as a point of departure for a cosmopolitan world view. This unique live programme at 180 The Strand and The Showroom hosts interdisciplinary interventions by artists, musicians, cultural producers, collectives and members of the public, distorting ideas of togetherness and selfhood in the spirit of creating a temporary global community.