The Showroom

Book Launch: F.R.DAVID,...for single mothers

Monday 28 January 2013, 6.30pm


Launch of the tenth issue of the journal F.R.DAVID, …for single mothers, with a reading of Joreen’s Tyranny of *Structurelessness by editor Will Holder, to John Cage's Score for Voice No.51, by Alex Waterman.

The issue …for single mothers presents a heterosexual man taking the liberty of representing some universal views of humanity, typically expressed by women and homosexuals. It is derived from the series of oral publications Holder has been producing since 2006 (including Adam Pendleton's Black Dada, Simon Amstell's Do Nothing, Jacqueline Rose's She and Alice Notley's Dr.Williams' Heiresses).

With contributions by Jean-Philippe Antoine, Robert Ashley, Cornelius Cardew, Thomas A. Clark, Emily Critchley, Elizabeth Crocker, e.e.cummings, Helen DeWitt, Julia Feyrer & Tamara Henderson, Kenneth Goldsmith & Beth Anderson, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Sharon Hayes, Carolyn Heilbrun, Chris Kraus, Léa Lagasse, Clarice Lispector, Rita McBride, Nour Mobarak, Alice Notley, Christian Oldham, Adam Pendleton, Charlotte Prodger, John Russell and Amy Sillman and more.

Edited by Will Holder, and published by de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam. F.R.DAVID is preoccupied with the distribution of reading and writing in contemporary art practice