The Showroom

The Reading Room

Saturday 27 October 2012, 12–6pm


During The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON at The Showroom, The Reading Room structure functioned as a solitary reading room where it was possible to read out loud in the library. The readings were recorded and stored.

The mobile Reading Room made a procession around the Church Street Neighbourhood. Selected extracts from the texts in the GDR Library were read aloud and recorded en-route, before returning to The Showroom, where informal readings and recordings continued. There was then an open invitation to select, compile and produce instant zines photocopied from books in the GDR Library. The ensuing zines and recordings will generate further encounters and occasions.

Image: The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON, installation view, 2012. Photo courtesy Daniel Brooke


Christian Nyampeta is an artist living and working in London. Recent projects include research provisionally titled How To Live Together(?), as well as contributions to the living research project The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON.

The Reading Room
  1. Event GDR Reading Group

  2. Event Film screening with a women's organisation

  3. Event Workshop: Matthijs de Bruijne and Justice for Domestic Workers

  4. Event Presentation of Futures Plan

  5. Event Workshop: Quintin Kynaston school and Annette Krauss

  6. Event Church Street Neighbourhood Management Networking Lunch