The Showroom

My name is Ulises. What’s yours?

Saturday 12 June 2010, 12.30–3.30pm

This two-part seminar will provide an historical context to Ulises Carrión's practice and explore how it relates to contemporary artists’ books and publishing strategies. The first part will take the form of a conversation between Martha Hellion and Martha Hawley followed by presentations by writer and curator Clive Phillpot and artist Alun Rowlands.

  1. Event Book Show and Book

  2. Event Book Launch at KALEID Editions: Ulises Carrión: Gossip, Scandal and Good Manners

  3. Uc_exhibit_2010_image_1
    Exhibition Gossip, Scandal and Good Manners: Works by Ulises Carrión

  4. Event Lilia Prado Festival

  5. Event 45 Revolutions per Minute

  6. Uc_exhibit_2010_image_3
    Event Performance by Martha Hellion and Martha Hawley