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Navine G. Dossos: There Is No Alternative | Tools for Conviviality Workshops

Thursday evenings continuing until 25 July

To book a place please contact [email protected] / 020 7724 4300
Space for up to 15 participants per workshop, places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

All are welcome
Ages 16+


A series of free Thursday evening creative workshops in the context of artist Navine G. Dossos’ project There Is No Alternative.

Through individual and collective exercises, the aim will be to consider together whether there are genuine alternatives to the methods of safeguarding and surveillance in society that are currently enforced through the UK government’s counter-terrorism strategies; and to imagine what these alternatives might look like. Collectively, the group will gather ideas towards ways of caring and building trust across society and develop a set of tools with which to visually communicate these.

Together with Navine G. Dossos and Mark Hurrell - who will be advising on design methods and visual communication - participants will discuss and respond to the research material that surrounds There Is No Alternative. There will be opportunities to share knowledge, experiences and understanding of the government's Prevent strategy, spend time with the research that Navine has gathered so far; annotate, add to and generate new visual material.

  1. Tina_14b_dan_weill_photography
    Event TINA: Book Launch

  2. Tina_2_dan_weill_photography
    Video TINA: Book Launch

  3. Tina-0_copy
    Event TINA – There Is No Alternative Reflexive Editorial Process

  4. Tina_14b_dan_weill_photography
    Publication Navine G. Dossos: TINA – There Is No Alternative

  5. 24
    Limited Edition Navine G. Dossos: TINA I-XXX

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    Event Fortnightly Highlight 4: There Is No Alternative

  7. Showroom-mid-show_install_dan_weill_photography-87
    There Is No Alternative

  8. Img-2959
    Text Navine G. Dossos and Hamja Ahsan, Zines Versus The State

  9. Unnamed
    Audio Panel Discussion: The Politics of Policing

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    Event Finnissage with a zine workshop and talk led by Hamja Ahsan: Zines Versus the State

  11. Showroom_-_navine_g._khan-dossos_installation_dan_weill_photography-35
    Exhibition Navine G. Dossos: There Is No Alternative

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    Event The Politics of Policing