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Project O screen their video "Saved"


Project O presents a recent video artwork considering Somerset House’s historical connection to the British Royal Navy. For eighty years from the end of the eighteenth century the Navy’s administrative offices occupied the building, a time when its activities were instrumental in the securing and ruling of an empire. In this new commission by Somerset House Studios, the first in a series of commissioned works exploring the subject, Project O asks questions of choice, inevitability, movement, defiance and surrender that arise in relation to thoughts about water - the waves will always rule us. The Navy Board, the administrative function of the Royal Navy was based in South Wing through most of the 19th century, helping secure one the largest empires the world has ever seen. In this period, the Navy played a significant (and contentious) role in the abolition of the slave trade. Until the Embankment was built, Somerset House was accessible directly by boat for naval personnel through what is now the Embankment arch. New Wing was an extension and remodelling by James Pennethorne of Admiralty residences, completed in 1856.


the waves will always rule us tides Moon internal landscapes desires for validation via dominion over that which is us be it land, sea, the bodies of others states of precarity...

Unravelling we occupy honour mourn the gaps we stand centre-screen. Body as portal-passage we stand centre-screen. We occupy honour mourn the gaps Unravelling states of precarity internal landscapes be it land, sea, the bodies of others...desires for validation via dominion over that which is us Moon tides the waves will always rule us


the gaps



Image: Project O, Saved (2018). Photo by Jack Barraclough. Concept, choreography and performance by Project O (Alexandrina Hemsley & Jamila Johnson-Small). Camera by Katarzyna Perlak. Animation by Jack Barraclough. Sound by Verity Susman. Commissioned by Somerset House Studios, 2018.


Project O (the collaborative supernova between Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small) make work that aims to continually address, reevaluate, intervene, comment upon, resist and celebrate the fallout from being born black, mixed and female in 21st Century UK. As a starting point they shift as they look, converse and interrogate what they see and feel. Their work is driven by our engagement with dance practices but the creative outcome includes works ranging from shows for theatres to performance lectures, free schools and DJ sets. Project O experiment with alternative ways their bodies can be present and visible (on stage or off), and ways that they can be present and visible in our bodies for ourselves. One of their compositional enquiries is around inviting audiences to consider their own shifting positions and identities - an attempt to acknowledge that all are complicit in these systems of oppression.

This programme takes place within Theaster Gates's installation Black Image Corporation presented by Prada, The Vinyl Factory, and The Showroom. Collective Intimacy is inspired by Gates’s ethos of collaboration and The Showroom’s commitment to togetherness and communal knowledge, taking on multiple trans-located narratives of the current Black experience as a point of departure for a cosmopolitan worldview. In response to Gates’s reactivated spaces in Chicago and how his socially engaged projects enable communities to connect and grow, Collective Intimacy aims to create a new space for people to gather, listen, converse, and contemplate amongst a fusion of art, design, music, and everyday life.

Black Image Corporation presents distinct spaces creating a myriad of possibilities for collective engagements, featuring an installation of Gates’s art objects, furnishings, and new films that capture the methodologies of urban renewal and community activation founding his practice. Pieces from Chicago imbued with powerful histories, uses, and localities resonate with distinctive lounge design from here in London – like a love letter between two cities, under the roof of a new House. Taking place at both 180 The Strand and The Showroom, Collective Intimacy hosts interdisciplinary interventions by artists, musicians, designers, writers, thinkers, collectives and members of the public, who are all invited to distort notions of selfhood and togetherness in the spirit of creating a global community.

  1. %22looking_for_sugar_in_the_ocean%e2%80%a6_who_is_the_enemy_%22_film_still_11__2018._15_mins._credit_-_the_artist's_studio.jpg
    Event Larry Amponsah & Andrew Hart present a sonorous performance "Led in Strange Ways"

  2. Amartey_golding__-chainmail_2-_still__2018__courtesy_of_the_artist
    Event Artist Amartey Golding screens his three Chainmail films with a live conversation of family & friends

  3. Modern_muses_full_film_final_online_060619_cop_addonons.00_00_08_20.still024_2
    Event Cultural Anthology POSTSCRIPT & Friends on Narratives of the Black Experience

  4. Img_7102
    Event 'Sospiro' by Nephertiti Oboshie Schandorf

  5. Mothering_memory
    Event Phoebe Boswell's performance 'Mothering Memory'

  6. Bantutronic
    Event A BANTUTRONIC Conversation & Live Music

  7. In_movement_ii_horizontal
    Event 'In Movement II' with Dancer Zinzi Minott & Filmmaker DJ Rabz Lansiquot

  8. Sxwks
    Event Artist Collective Sxwks presents an afternoon of music and poetry

  9. Img_6413
    Event Performance by Poet Inua Ellams

  10. Img_6418
    Event Project O screen their video "Saved"

  11. Courtesy_of_prada
    Event Artist Phoebe Boswell presents 'The Lighthouse 1'

  12. Amartey_golding__-chainmail_1-_still__2016__courtesy_of_the_artist
    Event Artist Amartey Golding screens "Chainmail 1" with a live conversation