The Showroom

Putting the Medicinal Garden to Use

A workshop with Jeanne-Lyse Sibaud

Wednesday 27 July 2016
at The Showroom

Free, book here


Part of the exhibition Communal Knowledge at Work and in the lead up to Orlow’s forthcoming exhibition in the autumn, work has been developing through a local medicinal garden at the Penfold Community Hub and exploring the plants’ uses.

Join this free tincture, cream and ointment workshop with trained Medical Herbalist Jeanne-Lyse Sibaud

Supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award.

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    Publication Uriel Orlow: Theatrum Botanicum

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    Exhibition Uriel Orlow: Mafavuke’s Trial and Other Plant Stories

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    Event Symposium: Theatrum Botanicum and Other Forms of Knowledge

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    Audio Symposium: Theatrum Botanicum and Other Forms of Knowledge

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    Video Film looking at The Showroom's local work

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    Limited Edition Uriel Orlow: Mandela’s Gold

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    Exhibition Communal Knowledge at Work

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    Event Medicinal garden launch and tour with Uriel Orlow and Michael Heinrich