The Showroom

Music Video Launch: Conspiracy by Owlboy

Tuesday 13 January 2015
Free, no booking required


This video/record launch is the outcome of a 12-month collaboration between Owlboy, Reveal Poison (an Iranian born, London raised hip-hop artist, writer and ethnomusicologist), Sam Hepworth (youth worker and filmmaker) and The Showroom.

Part of The Showroom's Communal Knowledge programme, this project looked at the characteristics of the subculture of hip-hop and investigated the emancipating potential of this as a platform in which concepts about community and society can be tested and opened out.

Conspiracy is the story of many told through one: including original footage and documentation the video retells a series of local events that directly resulted from the larger-scale riots of 2011. Chronicled from the perspective of a young person who was not only present at the riots, but who was also reprimanded and imprisoned as a result of his involvement in them, the narrative serves as an integral chapter in the larger media story dubbed the 'UK Riots'.

This collaboration will extend into 2015 with further video productions, and will feed into Dutch artist Wendelien van Oldenborgh’s How to work together commission in spring 2015.

With thanks to:
Dave Charlesworth, Andre Fyffe, Ismail Hussain, Mekzy Hussain, Savanna Mason, Hayley McCann, Shoaib Mohammad, Henderson Murray, Haji Otban, Kevin Owusu, Matthias Pilz, Chloe Richards and Abraham Smith.

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