The Showroom

The Showroom Reading Group 2014

Wednesday 6 August 2014, 6.30–8.30pm.

Free, RSVP to [email protected]


A reading group event with texts selected by Christian Nyampeta in relation to his Communal Knowledge project How to Live Together.

The Showroom Reading Group is an informal reading group, who meet and discuss theory and short texts that underpin The Showroom's exhibition programme. All are welcome.

This is an event to accompany the exhibition Christian Nyampeta: How to Live Together

  1. Ps
    Video Film looking at The Showroom's local work

  2. W10cn_exhibit_2014_image_5
    Exhibition Werker 10: Community Darkroom and Christian Nyampeta: How to Live Together – Prototypes

  3. 01847
    Event Communal Knowledge: is this working?

  4. 01608
    Event Contours of Resilience