The Showroom

The Walking Reading Group

Wednesday 10 July 2013, 6–9pm

Free, email [email protected] to book


The Walking Reading Group offers a chance to discuss the issues surrounding participation, collaboration, pedagogy and emancipation through a dynamic walking reading group. For the re-projecting (london) session, texts related to Basbaum’s practice are set in advance and form the backbone of the exchange.

This is an event to accompany the exhibition Ricardo Basbaum: re-projecting (london).

  1. Event Difference as an Arithmetic Exercise, Seminar

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    Event Point 6 Reading Group

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    Event The Showroom Reading Group 2013

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    Event Seymour Art Collective NBP diagram walk

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    Video re-projecting (london): Seymour Art Collective – Walk

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    Event Sirens Taken for Wonders

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    Video Sirens Taken for Wonders

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    Text Ricardo Basbaum: re-projecting (london)

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    Event Church Street Neighbourhood Lunch