The Showroom

Workshop: Survival Strategies for Cultural Workers

Saturday 7 July 2012, 2–4pm

Children welcome


An informal open session for cultural workers to meet and exchange on the challenges they face, and strategies they have developed, in order to deal with the specificities of labour in the arts and cultural sector. The discussion addresses in particular – but is not limited to – issues related to parenting.

This is an event to accompany the exhibition (in)visibilities, which is produced within Communal Knowledge.

  1. Isp_manual
    Publication Invisible Spaces of Parenthood: A collection of pragmatic propositions for a better future

  2. Afak_exhibit_2012_image_1
    Exhibition Andrea Francke and Annette Krauss: (in)visibilities

  3. Afak_exhibit_2012_image_8
    Event Final discussion: Invisible Spaces of Parenthood

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