The Showroom

Add Night to Night


29 April - 31 May 1998

Featuring Will Bradley, Chris Evans, Alan Michael, Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan, Hayley Tompkins, Sarah Tripp and Cathy Wilkes.

Add Night to Night brought together the works of 8 artists who were, at the time, working and living in Glasgow. Add Night to Night did not, however, aim to act as a survey of new work from Scotland. Instead the formal and informal relationships amongst this group of young artists reflected the means by which their works were being made, shown, talked about, written about and mutually supported.

In adopting a variety of media and practices, including writing, curating, publishing, the artists in Add Night to Night considered diversity a normal occurrence where work is, by desire, a synthesis of a number of approaches, forms and styles.

Much of the work attempted through its interconnectedness to reposition the artists and the imagination whereby meaning and beliefs were made and the more spiritual and communal is sought out. The romanticism of Add Night to Night knowingly compounded this idealism with a darkness.

With accompanying publication containing images and interview between the artists.

Add Night to Night continued The Showroom's support of emergent practices within the contemporary arts. Following The Pleasure of Aesthetic Life, curated by artist Amikan Toren in October 1996, Add Night to Night reflected the gallery's commitment to commissioning artists and to supporting the processes by which works are made as well as shown.