The Showroom

Andrea + Philippe presents Philippe Bradshaw


7 October - 7 November 1999

Preview: Wednesday 6 October 1999, 7-9pm

I mean I can
You get me high?
You've lost the fucking plot.
Why the fuck shouldn't I?
Twisted, by Wayne G. featuring Stuart Who

Throughout August and September 1999, Philippe Bradshaw had been a 'growling presence' at The Showroom (emanating from the depths of his lair created underneath the stage, also built by the artist). Philippe had colonised and customised the entirety of The Showroom according to his needs and requirements; including the creation of an 'Emperor-size' bed, a lean-to shed, a collapsible boudoir, a showering area, cooking facilities and mini-menagerie.

The stage - with its tapestry-like anodised chain curtain and video project of a live performance - teasingly suggested the possibility of actual stage acts taking place in the gallery. The presence of the artist in the space completeed the composite self-portrait of the artist woven by Andrea + Philippe for The Showroom.

A publication was produced to coincide with the exhibition. It will include texts written by Andrea Mason and Carl Freedman.

Financially supported by London Arts Board, Exhibition and Events Fund.

Sponsored by CIC Screens and Beck's Beer. With thanks to Norwich Gallery.