The Showroom

Fergal Stapleton and Rebecca Warren


25 June – 27 July 1997

For this exhibition Fergal Stapleton and Rebecca Warren made various objects, drawings and signs which were the results of their parallel interest in angels, aliens and falling down. Starting from their perspective places in relation to these ideas, the artists arrived at a shared construction in which these abstractions find some temporary, complex and tangible life.

In the work for this exhibition, and their previous collaborations, Stapleton and Warren by-pass the usual, more formal, approaches to this process - of combining skills as a method of achieving a shared aim or work. Instead they engage with what this symbiotic relationship might mean, and what it might allow them, acknowledging the intrusion of individual authorship, ability or ego. The resulting works, as seen in those years in London at 152c Brick Lane, 1995 and Cleveland, 1996, reveal an interest in the complexity of negotiation, discussion, coincidence, memory, projection and telepathy - the dynamics and psychologies inherent in shared artistic practice.

Commissioned by The Showroom.

With an accompanying publication.