The Showroom



18 November - 20 December 1998

The work of Fortuyn/O'Brien explores the definitions between public art, architecture, and the visual arts. In the late 1990s she had begun a new series of works which specifically engaged with the geographic location of the site in which the works were shown, by literally mapping of the location of the gallery and then showing this images as time-based work.

Using the most generic map of London, Fortuyn/O'Brien followed the North, South, East and West co-ordinates on which The Showroom lied, from edge to edge of the cities boundaries. In travelling along each gridded section of the map 4 black & white Polaroid slides were taken at each junction, again facing North, South, East and West.

Once this journey was completed the slides were shown at The Showroom on 4 adjacent projectors. Having specifically travelled to the gallery, viewers were transported on a journey outwards into the surrounds of Greater London. This journey, which specifically tracked the main co-rodinates, North, South, East and West, on which The Showroom lied gently revealed the true complexity and reality of urban living which the map can only notate.

Whilst her works are of international standard and significance, her exhibition at The Showroom constituted her first ever exhibition in London and the UK.