The Showroom

Hannah Rickards: ...a legend, it, it sounds like a legend...


9 May – 17 June 2007

The sound I think it makes is, is that whispering sound, to me it sounds, it almost sounds, um, uh, what's the word I'm thinking? Um, like historic, not historic, but, um, oh: a legend, it, it sounds like a legend, you know, when you think of a legend or something way back in the past you get that, that, it sounds like that to me, like this legend or somebody's, this whispering sound: it's a legend.

Hannah Rickard presents an exhibition based upon her research trip to Alaska and Canada, collecting verbal accounts from the small number of people who perceived the visual phenomenon of the Northern Lights as being accompanied by a sound.

This research is a continuation of Rickards’ interest in the verbal or non-verbal reconstruction of sound-related phenomena. Her practice most commonly revolves around a process of translation. This has, in the past, involved the movement of a sound, such as birdsong or a thunderclap, to the point where it is able to be replicated or reconstructed by other means, in these cases a human voice or an ensemble of orchestral instruments.

Hannah Rickards graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2002. This was her first solo show in London. Rickards’ work, Thunder (2005), commissioned by Media Art Bath, was installed at Central Reformed Church, Bath, and also featured in Live Art at the South London Gallery – Hannah Rickards: Thunder / Phil Coy: Test Signal, South London Gallery, London. Rickards has also been included in a number of group shows: The Elementary Particles (paperback edition), Standard, Oslo, Don Quijote, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, and Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2003, London and Manchester. During her trip to North America Rickards was assisted in her research by Dirk Lummerzheim, a Research Professor in Space Physics and Aeronomy at the Geophysical Institute of Alaska in Fairbanks who has lectured on the subject of Aurorally Associated Sound.