The Showroom

Ólöf Björnsdóttir: Woollenmaiden!


15 January – 23 February 2003

Ólöf Björnsdóttir's practice takes the form of actions, objects, video and photography. In her work ólöf creates characters that explore human creativity and the power of the imagination. These include the Woollenmaiden!, who through her interventions loudly disrupts public spaces and a Masseuse who attempts to release the creative potential of her subjects through 'Beneficial Squeezing'.Ólöf's work has a direct physicality that is expressed through her actions and objects, this link to the body and the public placing of her practice introduces episodes that jolt us out of the quotidian.

For her project at The Showroom Ólöf Björnsdóttir radically altered the nature of the gallery space. Through the building of a series of cupboards and structures she created a magical Nordic environment to house her work. In order to see the photographic and video documentation of previous actions the audience had to physically interact with these structures, by opening cupboard doors, climbing steps and sitting on specially constructed viewing platforms. During Woollenmaiden! Ólöf Björnsdóttir was in the gallery performing a series of actions.

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    Event Gallery talk by Grant Watson