The Showroom

Matti Braun: R.T.


26 March – 4 May 2003

Preview: Tuesday 25 March 2003, 7pm

Matti Braun's practice operates at the point where fine art, design and craft crossover. His projects weave together a complex mix of people and ideas drawn from the history and culture of the past two hundred years. Following his own personal interests, Braun's process of research results in an eclectic and elaborate mesh of concepts that challenge conventional interpretations.

Many of Braun's projects have examined the two-way flow of ideas and influences that occur when different cultural traditions are placed in close proximity, revealing connections that may have been overlooked, or been buried by history. He is interested in what he describes as, 'cultural misunderstandings', the miscommunications, changes in meaning and unexpected mutations that can occur in such situations.

In his project for The Showroom, Braun took visitors on a conceptual and physical journey which combined meticulous research with spectacular effect. The front space of the gallery was transformed into a lake, part Japanese garden, part sci-fi film set. R.T. focused upon Eastern and Western cultural references including traditional Indian textiles, a Bengali filmmaker, a Swiss architect and a Spielberg film.

Matti Braun has presented his work in a number of contexts, including ARS 01'at KIASMA, Helsinki, The Tirana Biennale, Albania, The Stedelijk Museum's Bureau Amsterdam and BQ, Cologne. Braun lives and works in Cologne. R.T. is his first solo show in London.

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    Event Screening: Ghare Baire (The Home and The World)