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  2. Programa-en-vivo-contra-la-raza_51650268154_o
    Video Online Talk with Larry Achiampong & Katherine Finerty

  3. Untitled
    Video Art on a Scale of Change

  4. Co-post
    Video Com- as in Compost

  5. The_showroom-compost-kathrin_bohm_opening_dan_weill_photography-14
    Video Meronomy: approaching the archive with curiosity

  6. Screenshot_2021-12-12_at_14.55.52
    Video Compost 1:1 - On the Role of Exhibitions

  7. Untitled
    Video Live Online Opening of COMPOST and launch of PARSE Journal #13: On the Question of Exhibition

  8. Screenshot_2021-12-12_at_13.33.54
    Video Compost 1:1 - Value and Function with Kathrin Böhm and Céline Condorelli

  9. Screenshot_2021-12-06_at_23.32.38
    Video Compost 1:1 - Kathrin Böhm in Conversation with Grace Ndiritu

  10. Screenshot_2021-08-03_at_17.20.29
    Video Katherine Gibson: Diverse Economies

  11. Screen_shot_2021-09-08_at_15.03.02
    Video MyVillages - Reflecting on The Rural

  12. Cauleen-smith-the-showroom-13-1024x1024
    Text Cauleen Smith: 'COVID MANIFESTO' Calendar 23 – 30 November 2020

  13. Cauleen-smith-the-showroom-12-1024x1024
    Text Cauleen Smith: 'COVID MANIFESTO' Calendar 16 – 22 November 2020

  14. Cauleen-smith-the-showroom-7-1024x1024
    Text Cauleen Smith: 'COVID MANIFESTO' Calendar 8 – 15 November 2020

  15. Cauleen_smith_-_the_showroom_1
    Text Cauleen Smith: 'COVID MANIFESTO' Calendar 1 – 7 November 2020

  16. Blanca_pujals-_'bodily_cartographies-_pathologizing_the_body_and_the_city'
    Text Blanca Pujals: 'Bodily Cartographies: Pathologizing the Body and the City'

  17. Cca__kerakaraka_courtesy_of_the_artist__b%c9%94%cc%81_b%c9%9bt%c9%94k._photo__kene_nwatu
    Video Em'kal Eyongakpa at CCA Lagos

  18. Theshowroom_031019-2771
    Video Em'kal Eyongakpa, mɔ ntaï Tabindɛ

  19. 00436
    Text Christina Mackie: IIP

  20. Whatsapp_image_2020-07-10_at_13.00.21
    Text Anti-Racist Resources

  21. Img-2959
    Text Navine G. Khan-Dossos and Hamja Ahsan, Zines Versus The State

  22. Tape_cover2
    Simnikiwe Buhlungu: Notes To Self: (Intimate 1), Mixtape 1

  23. Notes_to_self_(1)
    Audio Simnikiwe Buhlungu: Notes To Self: Mixtapenyana (Side C)

  24. Cmr
    Audio Book Launch and Screening: Cinemas of the Mozambican Revolution by Ros Gray

  25. 1421670671refi011gitretzevents06
    Video Recetas Urbanas: The Tretzevents Self-building Workshop

  26. 1478698284refi014gaulaconvivencia16
    Video Recetas Urbanas: Conviviality Room Project – Mum, when I grow up I want to build like you

  27. 1550178099refh013gi12
    Video Recetas Urbanas: Green Mountain

  28. A3_paper_sam_7324_mod
    Text 'How to "Host" History-Making' by Katherine Finerty

  29. 'you_are_here'_by_recetas_urbanas__2018-1
    Text 'Affection as a Subversive Architectural Form' - Elvira Dyangani Ose and Raúl Muñoz de la Vega in conversation

  30. On_vanishing_land
    Audio Incursions, Departures: 'londonunderlondon' and 'On Vanishing Land'