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Anti-Racist Resources

A growing list of anti-racist resources, shared by our collaborators and extended community.


You are invited to contribute by suggesting and sharing further resources. Please email your suggestions to [email protected]


Policing, Anti-Blackness and Resistance

Alex S. Vitale: The End of Policing

Netflix: 13th

Institute of Race Relations: Criminal Justice System Statistics

Films For Action: Policing Is a Dirty Job, but Nobody's Gotta Do It: 6 Ideas for a Cop-Free World


Mental Health & Wellness

Black Wellness Initiative: Self Care When The News is Difficult

Sunshine Behavioral Health: Mental Health Issues Facing the Black Community

The Nap Ministry: Rest as Resistance


Anti-Racism for White People

Agatapacho: 70 Strategies That White People in the UK Can Adopt to Fight Racial Injustice

Bailie Gregory, Anna Stamborski, Nikki Zimmermann: Anti-Racism for White People


UK Resources

Black Lives Matter UK: Resources

Black Curriculum in the UK: Mission Statement

Youth Justice, Stop and Search: Youth Justice Legal Centre


Further Resources

Company Drinks: Black Lives Matter Statement and Resources

Black Lives Matter Nashville: A Bibliography for the Revolution

Green European Journal: Why We Need a Decolonial Ecology

New Beacon Books: Specialists in African and Caribbean Literature

OOMK: Manifesto

RSA: Seven Structural Pathways For Racial Equality

Skin Deep Magazine: Black Lives Matter Resources

DAZED: A running list of anti-racist resources


Cultural Archives

Stuart Hall Library and Archive

The Voice Archive

The Grunwick Strike

Images: Protest placards in London, 6 June 2020. Photo: Gemma Dyangani Oko