The Showroom

Ashley Hans Scheirl in conversation with Oreet Ashery

Ashley Hans Scheirl will be in conversation with Oreet Ashery to accompany the exhibition Everything we see could also be otherwise (my sweet little lamb)


Audio from the conversation between Ashley Hans Scheirl and Oreet Ashery. Audio has been slightly amended to omit the sound recording of films shown during the talk.

Ashley Hans Scheirl is an artist who lives and works in Vienna. Scheirl's early film practice of the 1980s and 1990s contributed significantly to the development of conceptual art in Austria by moving between the definitions of experimental film, public-space actions, performance, music, and other forms of expression related to lesbian and queer sexuality. Her transition to painting has been accompanied by a metamorphosis of her own physical appearance to one of male allure, helped by testosterone injection. His recent accomplishment with this art medium encouraged him to emancipate one more time from his gender identification, to be called a “she” again. This time using “Ashley” (which, like “Hans,” uses letters from the name given at birth: Angela Scheirl), a gender variable name.

Oreet Ashery is a transdisciplinary visual artist and an educator working with bio-political-fiction, gender materiality and potential communities. Ashery’s established practice is manifest through distinct multiplatform projects and spans live situations and performances, moving and still image, writing, workshops and assemblages.