The Showroom

FFTV: Gallery as a Neighbourhood Model


For his Communal Knowledge project Anton Kats collaborated with Fourth Feathers Youth Club and Community Centre on the project Fourth Feathers TV (FFTV) - an open, community-based TV station inviting members and visitors to join.

Take Over... proposed a platform to practically address current questions of access and housing in the Church Street Area asking how the potential of a locally run TV station could be considered for community action.

During the school Easter break FFTV held a take over of The Showroom’s gallery for a series of workshops transforming the space into a dynamic and playful model of the neighbourhood, a TV studio and simultaneously an artistic and informal learning platform. The TV production studio worked with other community groups in the production of a series of episodes that were added to the online FFTV platform.

The episodes produced during the workshops were installed in the studio for a public viewing on Saturday 2 April 12–6pm

The FFTV team interchanged and alternated the roles of camera operators, commentators, filmmakers, journalists and audience, and developed an evolving series of episodes around social and political issues.

FFTV proposed a space to explore methods of co-research and artistic investigation. The liveness of the project carried a form of an open event, in which open studio work counters standardised relationships with media and suggests ways to approach local organisation forms practically.

This project was commissioned as part of Communal Knowledge and made in collaboration with Fourth Feathers Youth Club.

Fourth Feathers TV is supported by Westminster City Council Neighbourhood Fund Programme.

  1. Ps
    Video Film looking at The Showroom's local work

  2. 01_take_over_the_showroom
    Event Take Over | Fourth Feathers TV: Gallery as a Neighbourhood Model

  3. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Boxing

  4. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Left Hook / Right Hook

  5. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Homework

  6. Fftv
    Video FFTV: A White Chocolate And Strawberry Marquise

  7. Fftv
    FFTV: D A N C E

  8. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Skatepark

  9. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Nasir

  10. Fftv
    Video FFTV: Memories Of The Future

  11. Fftv
    Video FFTV: In-Between: Lisson Green Estate housing and organisation model

  12. 01673
    Video FFTV: Episode 1