The Showroom

Incursions, Departures: 'londonunderlondon' and 'On Vanishing Land'


In December 2019, The Showroom presented the first combined playback of audio-essay works by Justin Barton and the late Mark Fisher. It was then followed by this discussion between Barton, Dalia Neis (voice in londonunderlondon) and Pete Wiseman (musician on On Vanishing Land), with a Q&A and general discussion. It was an opportunity to think collectively about the ideas and techniques involved in the composition of these works – as Barton describes, a chance ‘to explore what might exist beyond the flood barrier of ordinary capitalist reality’.

More information from the event can be found here

Image: Album cover of On Vanishing Land (2013) by Mark Fisher and Justin Barton, Photos: Mark Fisher. Courtesy the artists.

  1. Mfjb_exhibit_2013_image_6
    Exhibition Mark Fisher and Justin Barton: On Vanishing Land

  2. Mfjb_exhibit_2013_image_2
    Event Discussion with Mark Fisher and Andy Sharp

  3. Mfjb_exhibit_2013_image_1
    Event Discussion with Mark Fisher, Justin Barton, The Otolith Collective, John Foxx and Elizabeth Walling

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    Event John Foxx and Raime