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re-projecting (london): Seymour Art Collective – Walk

Documentation of a walk by Seymour Art Collective as part of re-projecting (london), a project at The Showroom by Brazilian artist Ricardo Basbaum.

Point 4 of the re-projecting (london) diagram fell near the West London Day Centre on Seymour Place, which provides essential services for homeless people in Westminster. In 2011, The Showroom met with a group of artists who meet weekly at the Centre, and have since continued a dialogue and working relationship. For the project members of the Collective met regularly over the period of several months, they researched and walked the re-projecting (london) diagram as a way to develop work around ideas of collectivity, public space, recorded and personal histories in relation to place and the potentials of the concept of dérive.

This is an event to accompany the exhibition Ricardo Basbaum: re-projecting (london).

  1. Event Difference as an Arithmetic Exercise, Seminar

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    Event Point 6 Reading Group

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    Event The Showroom Reading Group 2013

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    Event Seymour Art Collective NBP diagram walk

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    Event Sirens Taken for Wonders

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    Video Sirens Taken for Wonders

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    Text Ricardo Basbaum: re-projecting (london)

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    Event Church Street Neighbourhood Lunch

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    Event The Walking Reading Group