The Showroom

Symposium: Theatrum Botanicum and Other Forms of Knowledge

Saturday 29 October 2016


Audio recording of an afternoon symposium convened by Uriel Orlow and Shela Sheikh with invited speakers Sita Balani, Jason Irving and Philippe Zourgane. The symposium responded to themes in Orlow's exhibition Mafavuke’s Trial and Other Plant Stories, and explored aspects of knowledge production and suppression both historically and in the present moment though the lens of the botanical and the postcolonial.

This event was organised as part of Uriel Orlow's exhibition Mafavuke’s Trial and Other Plant Stories. The exhibition is commissioned by The Showroom (London) in association with Parc Saint Léger, Contemporary art centre (France), Bluecoat (Liverpool), and Tyneside Cinema (Newcastle upon Tyne). The project is supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award, Arts Council England, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, A4 Arts Foundation, Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) and The Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom. A forthcoming publication Theatrum Botanicum is supported by the Henry Moore Foundation.

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    Publication Uriel Orlow: Theatrum Botanicum

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    Exhibition Uriel Orlow: Mafavuke’s Trial and Other Plant Stories

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    Event Symposium: Theatrum Botanicum and Other Forms of Knowledge

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    Event Uriel Orlow and Cooking Sections: Better, More Exotic and Half a Penny Cheaper

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    Limited Edition Uriel Orlow: Mandela’s Gold

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    Event Putting the Medicinal Garden to Use

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    Event Medicinal garden launch and tour with Uriel Orlow and Michael Heinrich