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  1. A3_paper_sam_7324_mod
    Text 'How to "Host" History-Making' by Katherine Finerty

  2. 'you_are_here'_by_recetas_urbanas__2018-1
    Text 'Affection as a Subversive Architectural Form' - Elvira Dyangani Ose and Raúl Muñoz de la Vega in conversation

  3. On_vanishing_land
    Audio Incursions, Departures: 'londonunderlondon' and 'On Vanishing Land'

  4. Img_8981
    Audio 'SOUTH X SOUTH EAST' by Belinda Zhawi for Collective Intimacy

  5. 6058e0cd-3e17-4095-bdd4-673c422a7a7b
    Phoebe Boswell's group performance 'The Lighthouse 2'

  6. Main
    Bumi Thomas: 'Border Native' live music performance

  7. Img_7102
    'Sospiro' by Nephertiti Oboshie Schandorf

  8. Mothering_memory
    Collective Intimacy: Phoebe Boswell's 'Mothering Memory'

  9. 1
    Video 'A Proper Burial Finally, Thanks America!' by Tremaine Emory, in conversation with Theaster Gates and Elvira Dyangani Ose

  10. Unnamed
    Audio Panel Discussion: The Politics of Policing

  11. Unnamed
    Video Navine G. Khan-Dossos and Professor Lisa Downing in conversation

  12. Showroom_-_navine_g._khan-dossos_installation_dan_weill_photography-17_web
    Audio Prevent: A Critical Approach

  13. Showroom-mid-show_install_dan_weill_photography-51
    Text Bibliography for Navine G. Dossos: There Is No Alternative

  14. Img_20190427_170430
    Poetry and Poetics Workshop Bibliography

  15. Email_correspondence_an_dfds-15
    Email correspondence between Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira da Silva 2017-2018

  16. Inflight_04
    Text Women on Aeroplanes: Inflight Magazine #4

  17. Screen_shot_2019-02-11_at_17.36.15
    Text Women on Aeroplanes: Inflight Magazine #3

  18. Screen_shot_2019-02-11_at_17.28.56
    Text Women on Aeroplanes: Inflight Magazine #2

  19. Screen_shot_2019-02-11_at_17.22.21
    Text Women on Aeroplanes: Inflight Magazine #1

  20. Women_on_aeroplanes-51_crop
    Audio Women in the Pan-African movement: Marika Sherwood in conversation with Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa

  21. Fiery_pool_of_asphalt
    Audio Book Launch of "Regeneration Songs: Sounds of Investment and Loss from East London"

  22. Tt_151_cover_image_-_paler_blue_text
    The Wretched Earth: Botanical Conflicts and Artistic Interventions

  23. Colour_chart_section_1
    Text Navine G. Khan-Dossos: POLYCHROMY PLAYS

  24. How_institutions_think
    Audio Book Launch of How Institutions Think: Between Contemporary Art and Curatorial Discourse

  25. Img_7837_for_website
    Video Introduction to Jewyo Rhii and Jihyun Jung: Dawn Breaks

  26. Screen_shot_2018-03-13_at_11.43.23
    Video Lutz Becker screening and conversation with Lina Džuverović

  27. Lutz_becker_kino_beleske_2_
    Audio Lutz Becker: screening and conversation with Lina Džuverović

  28. Scotland-2016-edinburgh-city_observatory
    Audio Towards a City Observatory: Constellations of art, collaboration and locality

  29. Nika
    Nika Dubrovsky Anthropology for Kids

  30. Screen_shot_2017-12-14_at_11.01.52
    Audio Gregory Sholette: Delirium and Resistance: Activist Art and the Crisis of Capitalism