The Showroom

A Day in NW8

Kariima Ali and Deborah Findlater
Workshop series - Summer 2017


Using the vibrant local settings of Church Street and Edgware Road, ‘A Day in NW8’ will explore how urban landscapes can naturally lend themselves as engaging backdrops for portraits. The participants will capture both one another and willing members of the public in the area. With a focus on colour and framing, the workshop aims to show how one can create captivating portraits using tools and sites easily available at their disposal.

A series of workshops led by Kariima Ali and Deborah Findlater

Deborah Findlater - artist and collective member of sorryyoufeeluncomfortable (SYFU) a collective of thinkers and makers. United by a core desire to challenge dominant discourses, they are centred on research based art practice and institutional critique by the way of artistic intervention. They have presented work at Iniva, The Showroom, The Wellcome Collection, London’s ICA and various locations in Europe.

Kariima Ali - freelance photographer based in East London, her work over the years is a composite of her training in analog film photography and love for digital art. . A member of the Black girl art collective BBG, she is also one of the curators for the 'Black British Girlhood' exhibition, showcasing the work of young Black British women.