The Showroom

Agency: Assembly (The Showroom)


The work of Agency constitutes a growing list of ‘Things’ that resist easy categorisation, and yet have had cause to be defined by the judicial system or legal processes.

This project focused on Things that exemplify the complexity of collaborative relationships in art and how the law struggles to define these when problems arise.

It comprised of an exhibition that brought together material (books, films, audio, plans, sculptures, letters, etc) related to the Things and an event in which a diverse group of concerned guests responded to the 'witnessing' of Thing 000904 (1st Down and Ten).

Assembly (The Showroom) was supported by the Henry Moore Foundation, the Flemish Government Agency for Arts and Heritage and was part of Circular Facts funded by the European Commission.

Special thanks to Wiels – Centre for Contemporary Art, Brussels.

  1. A_exhibit_2011_image_1
    Exhibition Agency: Assembly (The Showroom)

  2. Agency-1
    Event Assembly (The Showroom) closing event

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    Audio Assembly (The Showroom) closing event