The Showroom

People Make Videos, a manual for making community videos

Designed by Rosie Eveleigh
printed by Art Quarters Press


This manual is a result of Ed Webb Ingall's Communal Knowledge project, which explored the history of community video practice in London from the 1970s, working with a range of groups and individuals local to The Showroom to practice and extend the methodologies to create new videos exploring ideas of 'community'

The publication operates as a manual for setting up your own community video group, with workshop exercises, pages to copy and use for storyboarding, suggestions for structuring meetings and working with a commitment to collaboration.

People Make Videos is available as a free download here

  1. Ps
    Video New film looking at The Showroom's local work

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    Event People Make Videos Open Workshop

  3. Pmv_cover
    Text People Make Videos, a manual for making community videos

  4. 01894
    Event People Make Videos: A week of meetings, video making and screenings

  5. 01971
    Event What would you make a film about? A video conversation between The Showroom and its neighbours