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The Tiger's Mind


Edited by Will Holder



This publication, edited and produced by Will Holder, has been published by Sternberg Press on the occasion of the exhibition Beatrice Gibson: The Tiger's Mind.

In 2010, a production process was instigated by filmmaker Beatrice Gibson and typographer Will Holder, with the intention of using British composer Cornelius Cardew’s musical score The Tiger’s Mind as a means of producing speech. Since the score concerns the changing relations between six characters in production, practitioners from other fields (musicians and visual artists) were invited to three conversations at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Kunstverein in Amsterdam and CAC Brétigny.

After each conversation, a printed document was made and distributed amongst the characters, to serve as a score for subsequent conversations. Any other ends would be found in conversation. After some time it became clear that a film would be made: Beatrice Gibson’s The Tiger’s Mind. This book is a document of its making.

Published by Sternberg Press
2012, English
20.5 x 26.8 cm, 144 pages, 63 black and white illustrations, softcover
Design by Will Holder
ISBN 978-3-943365-50-4


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  1. 01495
    Limited Edition Will Holder: The Tiger's Mind Score

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    Exhibition Beatrice Gibson: The Tiger's Mind

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    Event A concert by AMM: John Tilbury and Eddie Prevost

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    Text Beatrice Gibson interview

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    Event Symbiopsychotaxiplasm