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Value, Measure, Sustainability

Written by Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, the report was generated by a day-long symposium and open meeting with different representatives of the small-scale arts organisations in the UK.



Common Practice is pleased to announce the publication of its second report, Value, Measure, Sustainability: Ideas Towards the Future of the Small-Scale Visual Arts Sector, which builds on its acclaimed 2011 report ‘Size Matters’ to offer new ways of evaluation and measurement in the art world.

The report puts forward new possibilities for assessing benefits and attracting funding in a changing art landscape. Comparing evaluations of merit in the art world with those in different sectors – notably that of development and psychology – it considers different ways of measuring the artistic contributions of small organisations beyond footfall and econometric indices, the current preferred methods of public funding bodies, and attempts to outline how cultural ‘value’ has been conceived. In more practical terms it also discusses how organisations might deal with the decreasing levels of public subsidy and worsening economic conditions of the UK, and looks at how they might develop funding from private sources and new partnership schemes.

A free download of the report is available here

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