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Hengameh Golestan

Hengameh Golestan (b. 1952, Tehran) is a pioneer among Iranian women photographers and between 1974 and 1974 she documented life in Iran photographing women and children – instances of family and everyday life. During the revolution she captured moments of rebellion on the part of women. Her practice has seen her travel extensively to towns and villages in Iran and Rojhelat (Iranian Kurdistan) and she has exhibited in Iran, Germany, Turkey, France, UK and Syria amongst other countries. Her most recent show was at Paris Photo 2013. She also assisted her late husband Kaveh Golestan on a number of his photography projects.

  1. Hg1
    Exhibition Hengameh Golestan: Witness 1979

  2. 02031
    Event Open discussion with Hengameh Golestan and Justice for Domestic Workers

  3. 02030
    Event Symposium: When does a Revolution Start? Part I