The Showroom

Hiwa K

Born in Iraq in 1975, Hiwa K moved to Germany at the age of 25 where he studied flamenco music. His works have a strong participatory dimension and take the form of oral histories, modes of encounter and political situations. He has shown in various collective exhibitions and his project Chicago Boys: While we were singing they were dreaming continues to be hosted internationally. Hiwa K participated in Manifesta 7 and Venice Biennale 2015.

  1. E_exhibit_2010_image_2
    Exhibition Estrangement

  2. Event Chicago Boys: While we were singing, they were dreaming...

  3. Event Panel discussion: Aneta Szylak, Hiwa K, Janna Graham, Cihat Arinc, Maryam Jafri and Hardi Kurda

  4. Joanna_chariot_drawing
    Event Joanna Rajkowska: Chariot

  5. Hiwa_guitar_lesson
    Event Hiwa K performance at The Cockpit Theatre