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Jennifer Martin


Jennifer Martin (b. 1990) is a London-based fine artist and writer. She is a graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art and currently studies MA Photography at the Royal College of Art. Martin is keenly concerned with the potential and potency of photography, as well as the dupable expectation for accuracy and neutrality. Martin’s recent work centres primarily on photography’s construction of race, which she explored through her master’s thesis One Drop, One Touch: What it Means to Burn, and the critical disarming of nostalgia found in audience-geared photographic staging, approached in the project Full of Loops and developed during the Chisenhale Art Place’s 2017 Studio4 Summer Residency. She lives and works in London, UK.

  1. Gaze_pressphoto1
    Event Gaze: On the Verge of the Visible

  2. Gaze_pressimage
    Event Gaze: Analogue / Digital Photography workshop