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Justin Barton

Justin Barton (b.1962) is a philosopher and writer. He has published academic philosophical articles and has collaborated on projects with artists and theorists. With Mark Fisher he made the audio-essays londonunderlondon (2005) and On Vanishing Land (2013). He once spent two years living in a tent in woodlands around London while working at a college in Covent Garden, and he has travelled to rarely visited places such as the mountains of Tuva and the forests of northwest Patagonia.

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    Event Hauntology, the Future, the Eerie: Justin Barton, with Farmers of Vega, Mark Fisher and Dalia Neis

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    Exhibition Mark Fisher and Justin Barton: On Vanishing Land

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    Event Discussion with Mark Fisher, Justin Barton, The Otolith Collective, John Foxx and Elizabeth Walling