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Karen Salt

Dr Karen Salt is the Co-director of the Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R) at the University of Nottingham. A scholar of race, sovereignty, power and politics, Karen is an expert on how those issues intersect in the Caribbean and African diaspora.

Using interdisciplinary methodologies, Karen's work unveils the global challenges that these nations faced or continue to face and the ways that they have politically responded to them. Years of considering the impact of racial and political discourses on these nation-states has led to a broader interest in the ways global minority communities marshal their collective power and participate in local, national and international governance structures. Within the last few years, Karen has begun exploring the role of trust within minority communities in the UK and participating and co-leading a number of cross-sector equality and diversity initiatives. She is currently leading or involved with a number of collaborative research projects and aims to continue to build a community of scholars working on questions of race, rights and sovereignty.

PhD in American Studies, Purdue University / MA in American Studies, Purdue University / BA in Sociology with Honours, Purdue University

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