The Showroom

Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher (1968–2017) wrote Capitalist Realism (2009) and Ghosts Of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures (2014). He was Programme Leader of the MA in Aural and Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London and a lecturer at the University of East London. He also produced two acclaimed audio-essays in collaboration with Justin Barton: londonunderlondon (2005) and On Vanishing Land (2013).

In December 2019, The Showroom presented Incursions, Departures - the first combined playback of the audio-essay works, followed by a discussion with Justin Barton, Dalia Neis and Pete Wiseman.

  1. Mfjb_exhibit_2013_image_5
    Radical Curiosity

  2. On_vanishing_land
    Event Incursions, Departures: 'londonunderlondon' and 'On Vanishing Land'

  3. On_vanishing_land
    Audio Incursions, Departures: 'londonunderlondon' and 'On Vanishing Land'

  4. Justin_barton_book_image
    Event Hauntology, the Future, the Eerie: Justin Barton, with Farmers of Vega, Mark Fisher and Dalia Neis

  5. 01917
    Event Book Launch: Brave New Work: A Reader on Harun Farocki's film A New Product

  6. 01786
    Text Peripheral Proposals: Mark Fisher and Nina Möntmann

  7. 01762
    Event Visual Cultures As... Launch Party

  8. 01761
    Event In Search of UIQ: It took forever getting ready to exist Part 1 Screening and Discussion

  9. Mfjb_exhibit_2013_image_6
    Exhibition Mark Fisher and Justin Barton: On Vanishing Land

  10. Mfjb_exhibit_2013_image_2
    Event Discussion with Mark Fisher and Andy Sharp

  11. Mfjb_exhibit_2013_image_1
    Event Discussion with Mark Fisher, Justin Barton, The Otolith Collective, John Foxx and Elizabeth Walling