The Showroom

Niccolò Moscatelli

Niccolo Moscatelli is a curator and an artist. His research focuses on urban public spaces and their politics, the control of urbanism over the population, and minimal gestures of quotidian resistance. His works and performances are mostly ephemeral and sometimes intentionally undocumented, making the disappearance of the act and of the artist a mode of existential investigation.

He has curated solo and group exhibitions in Italy, France and Senegal, where he also worked as assistant curator for various projects within the 2016 Dakar Biennale. He is a member and co-founder of polynome, a curatorial collective reflecting on practices of democracy in the late capitalist era. He recently worked with Clark House Initiative in Bombay where he curated the public art project TAKE / THE / CITY, and joined the artists union.

Moscatelli has a BA and an MA in History of Art with a focus on post-colonial spaces and an MA in Curating Contemporary Art from Sorbonne University.